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Who is Gus?

‘Gus’s Kitchen and Bath’ was founded in 1989 by, Gaston ‘Gus’ Dozois and his wife Wendy. In the early 80’s, Gus & Wendy relocated to Alberta and Gus began plumbing hospitals, schools, high-rises and shopping plazas for Arpis Industries. Gus went on to become a certified Red Seal Master Licensed Plumber at the Southern Alberta Institute for technology.

After moving back home to Ontario in 1989 with his two sons and wife, Gus opened his own plumbing business ‘Gus’s Plumbing and Pump Service’. His knowledge of commercial plumbing contributed to the company winning bids on various commercial projects, including: Trent University expansions, hospitals, The Federation of Anglers and Hunters building, groceries stores, Hilliard Park Homes and other multimillion dollar contracts. Gus added to his list of accomplishments by holding the City of Peterborough’s plumbing and heating contract for 12 years.

In 1991 Gus and Wendy expanded their plumbing business by opening up a small retail store, the first ‘Gus’s Kitchen and Bath’. Noticing the demand for a higher-quality product, Gus and Wendy used their industry and product knowledge to diverge from other retail stores. They began to visit the top plumbing manufacturers across the globe, assessing the quality themselves and bringing the product directly from the manufacturer to the consumer. They wanted a business model that saved the consumer not only money, but also time with products warehoused on hand.

Gus and Wendy have taken his over 30 years of plumbing experience and used that to ensure every aspect of their business is superior. When ‘Gus’s Kitchen and Bath’ expanded to add kitchen cabinets and granite, the pair invested in the latest most advanced laser measuring equipment in the market. The company now carries over 300 slabs of quartz and 500 giant slabs of granite- all on sight. This paired with the exclusive ability to cut the slabs on site, in any colour or size, and in as little as one day if needed.

This attention to detail and quality can be seen in every carefully selected product: Solid wood vanities, 16 gauge stainless steel sinks (as opposed to the weaker 18 & 20 gauge sinks regularly sold by competitors), German technology ceramic cartridge faucets, UV anti-bacterial toilet seats and 18.5” high-mount toilets (available with special pricing to persons with a disability), to name a few.

‘Gus’s Kitchen and Bath’ has always been a family-run business, so when Gus looked to expand his retail business, he had his two sons open their own ‘Gus’s Kitchen and Bath’ tag heuer replica. James, a master licensed plumber, opened store in the Whitby area in 2007, and John, an expert in sales and marketing, opened a store in Ottawa in 2008.

At each ‘Gus’s Kitchen and Bath’ location there is access to a master plumber, and a friendly staff that is trained and knowledgeable on both the products on-hand and product installation. Parts and service is available to you ‘in person’ at each retail location, instead of at the end of a 1-800 number.