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Granite quote is based on measurements provided in submission and subject to change after field measurements are conducted.

The customer chooses, for themselves, their desired granite slab at our warehouse. We then mark their unique chosen slab.

Natural design in the granite varies per slab: This is the beauty and uniqueness of granite that no two pieces are the same.

Some colours of granite have what is termed “movement” or “flow” in their pattern. Others have more consistent, even patterning. We work with each granite’s pattern chosen by the customer to create the best overall design for your kitchen installation.

We cannot guarantee the same thickness throughout each individual slab of granite. Therefor, we feather the granite slabs to match thicknesses where edges meet.

Variance in thickness, within each slab is from 7/8” to 1 3/8”

Example within one piece of granite slab approximately 120” x 68” thickness variances may be 1” thick and to 1 1/4” thick – This may also occur within smaller pieces.

Example joint:
One piece of granite may be 1 1.8” thick and adjoining piece may be 1” thick, thus we feather to the smaller difference of 1” at the manufacturing plant or on the job site.

In some applications, base cabinets are uneven in height. In this case the thicker joining slab may have to be feathered down to the thinner stone piece.

In terms of metric measurements: Most slabs are approximately 3 cm – each slab can vary in size by 25 mm to 35 mm within the same slab, or in secondary slab that may be used to connect to the first slab. The variance can be from within 25mm to 35mm.

The granite has a 10 year warranty against natural defects. Man made defects by the customer are not covered in the 10 year warranty.

We provide a can of sealer to the customer on every installation. The customer is responsible to seal their granite installation.

Prices include:
Materials, either granite or quartz; professional measure for installation; if required; delivery and installation of countertop materials (granite or quartz); sink installation; all sink and faucet cut-outs and polishing as required; stove cut-outs and polishing as required.

Prices do NOT include:
Removal of existing countertops; hook up of sink drain and faucet; any electrical, all plumbing; repair or modification of cabinets; back splash