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With these high performance, low maintenance quartz panels, cleaning your shower surround has never been easier. Simply wash with a soft cloth, warm water and pH neutral household cleaner.

Things to avoid:

  • Avoid acidic products like oven cleaner or pine-sol, etc.
  • Avoid nail polish remover or paint thinner
  • Avoid Bleach
  • Avoid Vinegar
  • Do not forcefully scrub.
  • Excessively strong scrubbing can cause loss of shine

How to Measure for your Quartz Panels

Once you’ve decided on quartz walls, accurate measurements of the space must be provided with the signature of customer. If a tub or shower base is being installed, measurements must be taken after the installation. Delivery time will depend on the cutting facility, but most are finished within three weeks. Before you do anything, install you shower base (tile or acrylic) or bathtub, because accurate measurements are necessary for a perfect fit.

To measure you will need:

  • Pen or pencil
  • Paper or cut sheet (see quartz panels)
  • Measuring Tape (with 1/16″)

The first thing to measure is the back panel. Measure the width at both the top and bottom, in case your walls aren’t even.

When measuring the height, always keep in mind that you will need at least a 1/4″ of space to tilt the quartz panel into place.

As for the sides, remember that the back is 5/8″ think this must be subtracted from the overall the depth.