Plan Your Renovation with Gus’s Product Guides

Trying to decide whether you should do it yourself or call in a professional for your renovation? Can’t figure out whether you can squeeze a separate shower stall into your bathroom? The product guides below offer you measurements, specifications, and installation tips for some of the most popular products from our website and showrooms. If you need more information on particular products or some tips on accurate measurement, give us a call! Gus’s knowledgeable staff can walk you through the process so you get the best results!

Installation Instructions for Showers and Sinks

Acrylic shower bases and shower units are a great choice for many budget-conscious renovations and their ease of installation is one of the reasons for their popularity with many homeowners. Download these handy installation guides to make sure you have all the necessary supplies, tools, and information for a smooth installation and years of trouble-free use, or feel free to watch our Infinity JP2B Shower Instructional Video for you to use as a guide.

Specifications for Popular Bathroom Fixtures

Dreaming of a classic clawfoot tub or relaxing rain shower for your new spa bathroom? Nothing is more disappointing than to have the tub or shower delivered and then find it doesn’t fit! Read the specifications below to make sure the unit you purchase fits your existing space, supports, and plumbing. Need more information? Remember that Gus’s experienced staff can help you with your order!

LF 20

Specifications for Toilets

Gus’s Kitchen and Bath stocks a wide range of toilet models in a variety of sizes. Here are the specifications for some of the most popular models in our stores. You can quickly narrow down your choices by measuring first and matching your measurements to the specifications here. Need help with measurements or with finding the right model for your bathroom? Gus’s representatives are waiting to help you!

Walk in Tub Installation and Operation Manual

Gus's Kitchen and Bath Limited Product Warranty & Certifications

  • Gus's Kitchen and Bath warrants to the original purchaser only for residential application.
  • Products must be installed according to the manufactures instruction.
  • The warranty on our products will be honoured only if the installation is performed by an insured, certified master plumber, licensed professional.
  • Products must be installed according to governing municipalities and government rules, codes and laws currently governing plumbing installation. Building and plumbing permits are the responsibility of the purchaser, installer and home owner.
  • Building and plumbing permits must be obtained by the homeowner and installer or the warranty is void.

Faucet cartridge is a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser; all other components are warranted for one year, for residential application only.

EXCLUSIONS: None of the warranties set forth herein apply to any faucets that have been:
  1. Repaired by an unqualified repairman or installer, unlicensed professional.
  2. Installed without building and plumbing permits, or have not been inspected by a certified inspector.
  3. Damaged through misuse, abuse, accident, negligence or faulty installation.
  4. Improperly installed or used in an application not intended by the manufacturer.
  5. Damaged by events beyond anyone's reasonable control, such as fire, flood, lightning or Acts of God.
  6. Damaged by lime scale, dirt, abrasive cleaning solvents, cleaners, metallic pads or aggressive cleaning methods. Do not use acid detergents, abrasive sponges, alcohol-based detergents, disinfectants or other solvents.
  7. Damages caused by hard water calcareous deposits or sediments.

In case of any problems, the defective parts must be returned correctly packaged with original proof of purchase to your original retailer. Only Gus's Kitchen and Bath can authorize the replacement of a defective product by an identical or similar one, should the original become unavailable. This warranty is applicable to the original home buyer as long as he owns the property, with proof of purchase, and it is not transferable. This warranty does not cover any labour costs and/or any damages caused during installation, the repair or the replacement, nor accidental or collateral damages, nor the freight charges. Gus's Kitchen and Bath does not guarantee its products for monetary value, nor offer specific warranties for a specific use, nor any explicit, implicit, statutory or tacit warranties, other than those described.

The above warranties and remedies are exclusive and in lieu of all other expressed or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. No person or entity has the authority to alter theses warranties, and any statement, representation or other warrant concerning Gus's Kitchen and Bath products is void.

Disclaimer of Damages
Gus's Kitchen and Bath's sole and exclusive obligation under these warranties shall be to repair or replace the defective product with the identical product, or at Gus's sole option, a product of similar design, quality and cost. In no case shall Gus's liability exceed the original purchase price for the product.

Regardless of any remedy set forth herein fails in its essential purpose, in no event or circumstance will Gus's Kitchen and Bath be liable for any special, consequential, indirect or similar damages, including material labour or any other cost associated with repair, installation, inspection, or any other claim cost or charge arising directly or indirectly from any claim or breach of warranty or any other legal theory. This disclaimer of damages shall, to the extent permitted by law, be binding upon the purchaser, even if Gus's Kitchen and Bath has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Granite Pricing Information

  • Quote is based on measurements provided in submission and subject to change after field measurements are conducted.
  • The customer chooses, for themselves, their desired granite slab at our warehouse. We then mark their unique chosen slab.
  • Natural design in the granite varies per slab: This is the beauty and uniqueness of granite that no two pieces are the same.
  • Some colors of granite have what is termed “movement” or “flow” in their pattern. Others have more consistent, even patterning. We work with each granite’s pattern chosen by the costumer to create the best overall design for your kitchen installation.
  • We cannot guarantee the same thickness throughout each individual slab of granite. Therefore, we feather the granite slabs to match thicknesses where edges meet.
      • Variance in thickness, within each slab, is from 7/8” to 1 3/8”.
      • Example within one piece of granite slabs approximately 120’’ x 68’’ thickness variances may be 1’’ thick and to 1 1/4’’ thick –This may also occur within smaller pieces.
      • In some applications, base cabinets are uneven in height. In this case the thicker joining slab may have to be feathered down to the thinner stone piece.
      • In terms of metric measurements: Most slabs are approximately 3 cm – each slab can vary in size by 25 mm to 35 mm within the same slab, or in secondary slab that may be used to connect to the first slab.
      • The variance can be from within 25 mm to 35mm.
  • The granite has a 10 year warranty against natural defects.
  • Man-made defects by the customer are not covered in the 10 year warranty.
  • We provide a sealer can to the customer on every installation. The customer is responsible to seal their granite installation.

Prices include:

  • Materials, either granite or quartz
  • Professional measure for installation
  • Templating of sink, if required
  • Delivery and Installation of countertop materials (granite or quartz)
  • Sink installation
  • All sink and faucet cut-outs and polishing as required
  • Stove cut-outs and polishing as required

Not included:

  • Removal of existing countertops
  • Hook up of sink drain and faucet and all plumbing
  • Repair or modification of cabinets
  • Back splash